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Portfolio Jaime Villa

Portfolio Jaime Villa

Jaime Villa
Jaime Villa

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Fine art by Jaime Villa Oeuvres de Jaime Villa Jaime Villa Jaime Villa Jaime Villa Jaime Villa Jaime Villa Jaime Villa Jaime Villa

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  - Jaime Villa was born in Bañ os, Ecuador in the Province of Tungurahua. He has long been a part of the fine art community in Ecuador and is very well known both inside and outside the the art world in his native country. His distinctive style an...
[Biography - Jaime Villa - 3Ko - 2008]

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Painting from 1965
Dear Jaime, Last week i buy an werry nice painting made from your hand, it comes from a shipbuilder in germany Mr. Lothar Schimpf. The painting showes a banana havest. Do you can tell any story about this painting you made in 1965 ? with best regards Jörg Nohrden
(Jörg Nohrden, 20 April 2013)
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