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Allan Linder 20th century and beyond

Allan Linder 20th century and beyond Press Release Allan Linder
十一月 26 2007

Press Release


December 1, 2007

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"Allan Linder  20th century and beyond” coffee table art book published by Eclectic Press  

New York,   NY, December 1, 2007: Eclectic  Press is pleased to announce that it has published a new art book on the  life work of celebrated international artist Allan   Linder.

Allan Linder  began drawing and painting from age five, and unlike you and me he never  stopped. This beautiful full color art book is co-written by author Todd  Gunzelman in association with Eclectic Press. Todd C. Gunzelman is a  contemporary American author, inventor and outdoorsman born in Southern California. He is best known for his functional  inventions that accomplish simple repetitive tasks. He began his hand at  writing at an early age, with several short stories, poetry and eventually his  love for the outdoors. But he remained unpublished until now. Allan Linder has  lived a fascinating nomadic childhood which led him from coast to coast several  times. Eventually he stayed in New    York City where he resides in his adulthood. “Allan Linder 20th century and beyond” covers the  artists life on the road, his work as a DJ and storyboard artist in Hollywood, to his  artist-run gallery in NYC.

This 180 page book is filled with images of the artist, and  his paintings and drawings from 1976 to present. Linder’s gritty and vivid  paintings of New York City  invite you to visit, while his bold and colorful abstracts draw you into his  dreams. If you are lucky enough to own one of his paintings, then you already  know. Now it's time to know more about him. Allan Linder 20th  century and beyond is available for purchase at an introductory rate for the  holidays exclusively at LuLu.com. After January  1, 2008 this book will sell for its retail price world wide.

For further information go to LuLu.com

芸術作品 スタイル : 現実主義 - 比喩的
芸術作品 トピック : 現実主義 - 比喩的
芸術作品 メディア : アクリル - キャンバスに絵画

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