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Using the images and stories of Mythology for my paintings can be a challenging yet fruitful experience.I've started working on paintings of modern scenes that allow me to use the characters of Baachus, Hercules and Juno amongst others. Sean Durham
八月 23 2010

I've started new work in the gallery. Continuing with my themes of people in cities and towns and how they "fit" themselves into the scheme of things. Society can be a high pressure place and sometimes an individual will over compensate and then appear to be weird or strange to the rest of society. Punk of the seventies exhibited these ideas very well. They did it intentionally and with success attracted the attention of the rest of society by saying " We are not playing anymore!". Of course punk did it as group and it caught on and started to become seen as a norm. So, it ended.

My paintings should express these ideas too, that people find it difficult to fit in to a large community that is dominated by one or two trends. The individual attempts to find a way to express themself without going down the weird road. It's either that or allowing oneself to become an unnoticed or oppressed member of the community who is then perceived as being strange because of living anonymous way.

This where the idea of Mythology comes into play. The characters that the stories offer are representative of our lives and events in those lives. People re-live the stories unwittingly and confirm the inner truth of the tales of Hercules and Juno and the rascal Cupid as he is yet again sent on a mission from Juno to destroy the lives of people, just to satisfy her jelousy.





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