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Cosmo Expressionizm.

My style of art in person at the painting I named as Cosmo Expressionism. Eva Kudukhashvili
http://www.EvaKudukhashvili.com - 五月 17 2012

Since childhood, I paint, I devoted my life to art, I feel so good when I'm painting, I wear very clean and beautiful when I start painting.My workshop is for me a saint. where I can create my interesting and a bright picturesque pictures.
I have many years of doing sketches, etyudi, and after vigorous create her beautiful paintings.My canvas is full of love and energy.My canvas is full of love and energy. they affect the audience is very warm and pass them endlessly, cheerful feeling.

My picturesque full sun.
it sparkles, it shimmers and bright as the stars at night.
very successfully acquires polotni.spasibo my people that they believe them to your heart, your eyes and your feelings.

Thank you all, for the love of my creativity.


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