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Portfolio Bohumila Kopec

Portfolio Bohumila Kopec

Bohumila Kopec
Bohumila Kopec
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CG070119 傲慢

小さい 湖

裸 CG060522

CG070101 真夜中

CG070104 汚名

CG070109 ヘアスタイル

CG061219 ザー 持ち上げること 海


CG070110 バラ 風景

CG070115 リーフ


CG070310 フォーカス

CG070306 美しい 発動機

CG070305 謎


CG070122 彼の フェイト


秋 花

CG061205 水の精

CG061206 嵐


CG061203 通行人

CG061127 中間点

CG061121 私 愛 あなた

  - Bohumila Kopec ww.kopec-art.com About biography Bohumila Kopec lives and works in the Czech Republic. Born in 1.1.1956 in the Czechoslovakia. Maiden name Bohumila Oslzla. She attend to creative activity fully since 1983. Since 1988 she is officially ...
[Biography - Bohumila Kopec - 5Ko - 2006]

Bohumila Kopec'のゲストブック

I can smell.
I can smell roses
(Bright Kim, 10 August 2007)
Art Computer
I think Art computer is not true art. C'est désolant, mais c'est une machine, un ',computer'' qui fait le travail. C'est malheureux de voir les nouveaux artistes qui se prêtent à ce genre d'art. Ils vont plutôt dans la catérogie ''''PHOTOGRAPHE.....
(Jane Barry, 18 July 2007)
How do you expose ?
Hi, I appreciate your work, and i 'd like to know how do you exhbit your digitals paintings, on screens computers or do you print them ? Sorry for my english im from Paris, and thank you for answer Good luck
(Evy, 12 May 2007)
Continued enjoyment
I continue to enjoy your work and look forward to your next. Mahalo for the effort.
(Kenneth Grzesik, 14 January 2007)
moc se mne to libi
Ahoj Bohunko musim ti napsat ze jsem nasel tvoji stranku a je impresivni.Preji ti hodne positivnich zkusenosti a tvoji stranku malymi dvirky do velkeho sveta. Fanos Oslzly
(Fanos Oslzly, 8 April 2006)