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Portfolio Ifeka Terry

Portfolio Ifeka Terry

Ifeka Terry
Ifeka Terry

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部族のマークフェイス - アフリカの少女


玉 ポイント ペン

Cheif アル

若者 ペン スケッチ

モンスター 怖がって

Faceing ザー 月

ペン - 玉 ポイント スケッチ の 彼女の 顔


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良い 良い 笑い

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  - Hello, I am Ife'ka Terry a contempuary Afrivan Artist. Plesae visite: IfekaTerry.com for more dettails. Thank You.
[Biography - Ifeka Terry - 1Ko - 2010]

  - I am a contenpuary Nigerian artist. I own an art studio called Tugi's Art Studio. To find out more about my art or myself, please visit my website: IfekaTerry.com or directlly contact me. Thank you
[Biography - Ifeka Terry - 1Ko - 2010]

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Get Some Heart Touchable Art Works!
I use to collect some of the best paintings for my home. I am having a great inclination for these art works. Few days back I came across some of the paintings announced by Michael Petrakis online and the whole feeling for the art works seems to have changed for me to a great extent. It’s all about taste and I can feel that somehow my taste for col.../...
(Maureen Townes Wilhelm - Art Critic, 14 February 2011)