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Portfolio Joe Johnson

Portfolio Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson
Joe Johnson
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Added November 15 2009
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戦士 と一緒に ポール

ボンディング ヒョウ

招待状 持っている L'EXPOSITION ジョー JOHNSON ザー 6è サルーン D'ART AFRO-CARIBEEN の GRIGNY 91350



黒 プロフィール

ネックレス 白


ジョー ダニを描い インチ " 星 肖像 " 放映 ザー 06/04/2008 フランスに 5

部族の 頭蓋骨


黄色 フェザー


アジアの 直面しています

チベット語 子ども

青色 直面しています



potrait 下部 パッティング 緑

顔 下部 赤

古い インディアン 女性



  - 6e SALON D'ART PLASTIQUE AFRO-CARIBEEN du 9 mai au 17 mai 2009
Joe JOHNSON, invité d'honneur du 6e SALON D'ART PLASTIQUE AFRO-CARIBEEN du 9 mai au 17 mai 2009 Adresse : CENTRE CULTURE SIDNEY BECHET, 10 place Henri-Barbusse, 91350 Grigny Vernissage samedi 9 mai à 19 h Ouvert au public lundi au vendredi de 9h à 12...
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  - Joe Johnson Invité d'honneur du 6e salon des arts plastiques afro caribéens...

[Page - Joe Johnson - 1Ko - 2009]

  - Joe Johnson peint DANI dans STAR PORTRAITS le 6 avril 2008 à 14:55 sur Fran...
STAR PORTRAITS DANI C'est au tour de Dani de se faire immortaliser sur la toile dans ce nouveau volet de Star portraits . Trois peintres vont ainsi interpréter chacun à sa manière le visage de la chanteuse et comédienne. Après un premier contact en p...
[Page - Joe Johnson - 5Ko - 2008]

  - I’m Joe Johnson, American painter living and working in Paris, France. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I studied fine arts at Arizona and Colorado State Universities before receiving a BFA from Parsons School of Design in Paris. My work ha...
[Biography - Joe Johnson - 6Ko - 2006]

  - My portraits are studies of humanity and reflect the diversity that exists in the world. My work is inspired by the many different ethnics groups living in Paris as well as my travel abroad and my interest in anthropology and geography.
[Biography - Joe Johnson - 1Ko - 2006]

  - My name is Joe Johnson, I'm an american painter living in Paris. My portraits of different ethnics groups reflect both the diversity and similarities that exists around the world. It's my aim that viewer is able to relate to the portraits on a intima...
[Biography - Joe Johnson - 1Ko - 2006]

Joe Johnson'のゲストブック

The Aztec
Hi, Joe. Just wanted to tell you how much I like your Aztec portrait. I like how realistic it looks, and in the way you've chosen the close-up angle given of his face, making an interesting impact while looking at his portrait. It reminds me of what a photographer would do as far as cropping his face. But, I've haven't seen it on oil and canvas bef.../...
(Mai Linh Lawrence Skropanic, 7 September 2009)