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Portfolio Tanya Andreeva

Portfolio Tanya Andreeva

Tanya Andreeva
Tanya Andreeva
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花で ザー 月光

油絵 少女 と一緒に フラワーズ

油絵 まだ 人生 と一緒に ザクロ

油絵 まだ 人生 と一緒に ペッパーズ

油絵 シャクヤク

静物画 と一緒に ブルー カラフ

油絵 ザー 岸壁 , エカチェリンブルグ

油絵 まだ 人生 と一緒に ブルー ティーポット

油絵 タンポポ

油絵 サマー 公園

油絵 ツリー の上 水を

油絵 の ポピー タイム

油絵 の フラワーズ コーヒー オレンジ

油絵 海 貴重品

苦い コショウ

油絵 まだ 水を

油絵 まだ 人生 と一緒に サモワール

  - Opening of the exhibition Страница Tanya Andreeva
Dear friends, I invite you to an exhibition of paintings. Ekaterinburg, ul. Heroes of Russia, Sverdlovsk 2 shopping center, art gallery Culture
[Page - Tanya Andreeva - 1Ko - 2016]

  - Tanya Andreeva born in Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk Region. I live and work in Yekaterinburg. I graduated from the Sverdlovsk Institute of Architecture. Profession designer. Industry- painting, batik, ceramic. Would be very glad if you like my work. In my painting I want to convey to the audience the joy of the beauty of the surrounding world. If you are...
[Biography - Tanya Andreeva - 2Ko - 2016]

  - Добрый день, любители живописи! Рада с вами познакомиться. Меня зовут Таня Андреева. Я живу в России, Екатеринбург.Образование Архитектурный институт. Профессия-дизайнер. Увлекаюсь живописью. В своих работах стараюсь отразить свои эмоции и чувства. Буду рада, если мои работы принесут вам радость и удовольствие.
[Biography - Tanya Andreeva - 1Ko - 2015]

Tanya Andreeva'のゲストブック

NICE Work! Enjoyed seeing this wonderfully great piece.
(Palo, 8 March 2016)
Superb. Love this work so much.
(Herbie, 25 February 2016)
Hello to you
Hello this is fantastic work. I love your style.
(Pual, 31 January 2016)
Hi I am Andrea. I think that this is a gorgeous piece of work.
(Andrea, 23 January 2016)
Fantastic work
Just wanted to let you know that you do fantastic work.
(Ellie Paulson, 30 October 2015)
Be proud
You should be proud of yourself. It is a great work that you have done. I am amazed with it.
(Tate, 21 October 2015)
Marvelous work you have done! I believe that you are truly talented here!
(Millie, 30 September 2015)