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Portfolio Tom Lund-Lack

Portfolio Tom Lund-Lack

  - This year I have exhibited at the Suffolk County Show (a major agricultural show) art exhibition in May and sold two pastel horse racing drawings, Energy 11 and Energy 13 and then was delighted to have 3 pieces selected for the Society of Equestrian Artists Summer (SEA) Open Exhibition. This was held in July at Palace House, Newmarket (the home of ...
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  - Tom Lund-Lack - Illusions of Movement Tom Lund-Lack's Page
Paintings are illusions, making a 2D work come alive can be a challenge. The motif is one part, whether it is a horse a vase of flowers or a portrait, each one must convey to the viewer something more than a simple representation of the subject. Well observed portraits bring out the character of the sitter and may say something about the artist.
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  - Painting from the heart and soul Tom Lund-Lack's Page
To make the work come alive is the challenge. To make the work come alive is a challenge I set myself colour, tone and technique all play their parts in creating the illusions of movement I am seeking to find in much of my painting. I don’t want to give the impression that this all that I do as there are other aspects to my work, as can be seen fr...
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  - THOMAS LUND-LACK “Luscious colors, masterful sense of movement, serene atmosphere they are a joy to behold!” - Louise Hafesh Some time ago Louise was kind enough to attribute these characteristics to my work. I would say that they are infused with powerful expressions of drama and movement which are now my hallmark. I hope that with every piece the...
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Cool Creation
Cool creation here. I love horses and this is really epic.
(Andy's dad, 22 February 2016)
Hello this is impressive work. Good job on it.
(Hans, 27 December 2015)
You have some wonderful talent. I am pleased with what I have seen.
(Ricki, 16 December 2015)
So nice
This is so nice. I like what you have created.
(Emilee, 16 December 2015)
Fantastic work. Makes me very happy.
(Lucio, 9 December 2015)
Cute cat
What a cute cat. I love it and think that you did a great job.
(Kit, 8 December 2015)
Great work. I think that you have done an exceptional job.
(SANDY, 6 December 2015)
Grand work
This is grand work. I love your style!
(Gigi, 25 November 2015)