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Artist's Statement

     For centuries masters of art have influenced pupils of study to expand upon style and skill.  I have been most influenced by Jackson Pollock and the Impressionists.  I mostly work in oils, usually mixing the paint on the canvas, not on the pallet.  My abstracts give me a sense of freedom.  They are similar to Pollack's work with my own little twist, free-flowing paint and style.  When I create a landscape, it gives me a place to escape from reality.  I have had an interest in art since my childhood years.  But I did not attempt to create my own works of art until the age of 38.  My inspirations come from my dreams and my vivid imagination.  I much enjoy creating my art pieces.  When I am finished with a piece, a great sense of satisfaction follows.  This is the very same feeling that comes over me when I see others enjoying and appreciating my art. 

芸術作品 スタイル : 抽象芸術 - 抽象的表現主義
芸術作品 トピック : 抽象化された
芸術作品 メディア : オイル - キャンバスに油彩 - 抽象芸術