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Artist statement Olga Kvassova

Artist statement Olga Kvassova Olga Kvassova
十月 16 2013

Artist statement Olga Kvassova
Olga Kvassova is an artist, who works with oil - and acrylic techniques. She likes to paint realistic landscapes, colorful flowers and portraits and decorative compositions. Painting outdoors (en plein air) is important to her, because in her opinion, it not only give great inspiration to artists, but also helps to create vivacious, true-to-nature, but not photographic paintings. The artist considers it important not to blindly run with the modern trends, but to remain loyal to her personal and artistic preferences.

芸術作品 スタイル : 印象主義 - 記号による - 近代的 - 現代の - 象徴主義
芸術作品 トピック : ヌード - フラワー - 政治的 - 比喩的

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