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Portfolio Nick Darastean

Portfolio Nick Darastean

Nick Darastean
Nick Darastean

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Added February 12 2007
Added December 4 2005
Added November 30 2005
Added November 27 2005
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カップ と一緒に 牛乳

三 牛乳 測定結果 の上に 椅子



二つ 青色 フラワーズ

である 注意深いです

二つ オレンジ

ザー 少し 像

ザー 少し ガラス ボウル

ザー 青色 ボトル

デルフト 青色

静物画 と一緒に ソーダ ボトル

ザー 失われた 音

少し 失われた 情欲

ほとんど a まだ life

別の ハッピー 家族

母と 子供

セントジョン ザー バプティスト

ザー 大天使 マイケル

セントジョン ザー バプティスト

"ROYAL GATES- ミニチュア "

母と 子供

大天使 マイケル


  - NICK DARASTEAN ww.darastean.com Born: April 2, 1971 in Halmagiu, Arad - Romania ARTISTIC DEVELOPMENT: since 2001- Member of the Romanian Artists Union, Timisoara 1995-1997 Tibiscus University Timisoara, Faculty of Design, specialized in Design and De...
[Biography - Nick Darastean - 6Ko - 2007]

  - Statement
I have always wanted to express through words more than I could. For me, writing poems needs words that do not exist yet, playing music requests talents I do not have. Thus using images I have put into these paintings everything I definitely wanted t...
[Page - Nick Darastean - 3Ko - 2005]

  - “Niculita Darastean is one of those artists for whom – alike ancient Chinese – art is a unique essence, that the artist can pour in the containers of different skills, as many as he can master. Painter, drawer, designer, photographer, the poet who is...
[Biography - Nick Darastean - 4Ko - 2005]

  - "A quick look upon the work of N. Darastean could lead us to the surrealistic style (common objects, real images of the known world, distributed in the structure of the painting by random, absurd or delirious connections). But behind the disorder the...
[Biography - Nick Darastean - 4Ko - 2005]

Nick Darastean'のゲストブック

This is such impressive work. I am amazed at what you have done and that you are so talented.
(Charlie, 4 November 2015)
Oil on canvas on wood
Wow what a great piece. I am loving it.
(Hillie, 4 November 2015)
ArtsCad Art Critic
A Romanian artist born and raised, Darastean has two phrases that help him paint: “What the heck: Thinking doesn’t cost me a thing!” and “What the heck: Watching doesn’t cost you a thing!” He believes that canvases don’t really have borders, and that viewer should be able to peer into a given painting to find a hidden meaning. Able to switch betwee.../...
(ArtsCad Art Critic, 28 February 2006)